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The organization now known as ANSI was founded in 1918.
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Getting Involved – Faculty and Students

An education in standards is essential in certain areas of academia. It is vital for engineering students for example to learn about the basics of standards and how they apply in their particular field of practice in order to succeed in product design and development and to be prepared to enter the practice of engineering. Although students may not actually be involved in standards development, they can start by joining as a student member of their professional society. Being a student member of a professional society generally facilitates joining as a professional member after graduation. Regular membership in a professional society is a good place to become involved in standards activities.

Faculty members who teach design must also have an understanding of the codes and standards (and regulations) that apply in their field.

For teachers who wish to keep up with the practice, participation in the society standards group relevant to their discipline, or in another standards developing organization, is an excellent way to stay current and network with practicing professionals.

For faculty interested in research, participation in standards development can be a good opportunity to network with leading engineers and learn firsthand the technology trends likely to define future research needs.

Most faculty members are already members of one or more technical organizations, and information on standards activities can generally be found on organizational web sites. Faculty members that have specific technical interests and expertise related to research or consulting may want to investigate actually becoming members of technical committees with standards developing activities.

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