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On August 30, 1974, K100.1-1974, Safety Code and Requirements for Dry Martinis, was published as a parody of a standard.
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Ensuring Openness and Transparency

Basically, any person or company with a direct and material interest in a proposed American National Standard being developed by an ANSI recognized standards developer has a right to participate by expressing a position, having that position considered and appealing if adversely affected.

To ensure the openness and transparency of the meeting, the committee administrator (often known as the "Secretariat") is responsible for ensuring that adequate notice is given in advance of the standards meeting.

Meeting notices, agendas and related documents should all be distributed prior to the meeting with reasonable time for the meeting participants to review them and respond as necessary.

Participants should also be encouraged to keep careful written records of standards meetings attended, including a record to substantiate the legitimate business justifications for a particular standard, notations of significant issues discussed, problems or conflicts that arose, and any other positions expressed. (NOTE: ANSI-accredited standards developers are required to publish formal minutes of each meeting.)

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